Lawns are supposed to be taken care of all round the year and in all seasons. Be it in fall, spring, winter or summer. The lawn should be well tended. To start with, planting is the first step. During spring it is the right time to plant seeds because the soil workable. The risk of frost is lower and this makes it the best time to lay turf. The soil warms up and the rainy days speed up germination.


During this season it is the best time to fertilize the lawn. This helps keep a lawn green. Fertilize the lawn with a fertilizer that contains nitrogen because it encourages strong growth. One should make sure that a lawn is watered when necessary. Towards the end of spring occasional watering is required. During summer the lawn should receive another amount of fertilizer. This should be done only if rainfall is expected. Care for different seasons is different too. During fall top-dress is applied. The lawn is aerated before topdressing and after topdressing one should ensure that the fertilizer gets to the soil, otherwise, it will scorch the grass.


After the grass is grown regular mowing is encouraged to keep the lawn clean and tidy. The first few cuts should be done with the mower raised about an inch high. The grass should be cut at least once every week. Watering during summer can be done with a hose pipe or a sprinkler. Mowing from  should be kept at the most minimum level during this period because long grass can help preserve the roots.


When applying lawn fertilizer one should use a lawn spreader. The fertilizer should not be spread by hand. Broadcast spreader or rotary which has a side shield is the best for large lawns. A drop spreader is good for small lawns. This is because the application is much narrow. The spreader when applying fertilizer should be kept to the right setting. Applying fertilizer or feeding the lawn can be very straight forward and simple. Engage the side-shield to ensure that the fertilizer stays on lawn and does not on driveways, sidewalks or gardening beds. After one finishes the feeding any remaining fertilizer should be returned in the bag.



Generally, a lawn requires care. Watering in dry seasons or when the rain is gone for quite some time in the rainy season. Feeding keeps the lawn green and the grass strong. Mowing at this website keeps the lawn tidy.